In the fast-paced world of professional practice, emotions are often pushed aside in favor of relentless dedication to one’s work. However, in this episode of Private Practices in Maine, Dr. Tarryn MacCarthy reveals the hidden power of acknowledging and embracing our emotions as a vital factor in achieving true success. Dr. MacCarthy, an orthodontist and founder of The Business of Happiness Transformational Mindset Coaching, illustrates how stifling our feelings can hinder our progress and offers advice on harnessing the strength of emotional awareness. Her discussion with Michael explores the challenges practitioners face with imposter syndrome and how taking radical personal responsibility for our emotions can pave the way to both professional accomplishment and a more fulfilling personal life.

As a South African immigrant and dedicated professional, Dr. MacCarthy embarked on a personal quest to unearth the secret to genuine happiness. Her journey led her to a profound realization: the key to happiness lies in navigating our emotions. This revelation led to the founding of The Business of Happiness, her coaching business dedicated to guiding fellow professionals on the path to happiness and balance. Dr. MacCarthy’s insights on conquering the fight-or-flight response offer hope for those grappling with unhappiness despite their success.

Some topics Michael and Dr. MacCarthy cover include:

  • Radical personal responsibility means you owe it to your community, business, and personal relationships to figure your own stuff out. Many professionals avoid their own feelings and repress them. But until you actually get to know who you really are, material success will feel empty, and happiness will feel elusive.
  • Meditation can be a fantastic tool for calming your nervous system before your day even begins. It gives you permission to begin your day from a place of complete calm, giving your nervous system a reset.
  • You can increase your overall happiness by finding a safe place to process your emotions. Even uncomfortable emotions, such as anger, must be felt and processed.

Dr. Tarryn MacCarthy’s journey led her to discover how to increase her personal happiness, and she is on a mission to help others find the same happiness.

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