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As a small firm with a general counsel approach to law, we could easily say that we will take on any matter, handle everything. But our method is decidedly different. The Malloy Firm believes it’s impossible for lawyers to maintain their knowledge and expertise in every possible area of law, and we know we can’t be all things to all people. Therefore, we focus on the following:

Business entity formation, corporate clerk services, business succession planning
Dental Law – practice acquisition, management, growth, succession
Commercial lending – representing borrowers and lenders
Commercial real estate transactions – leases, purchase/sale of property
Mergers and acquisitions
Estate planning and probate
Non-competition agreements, confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements
Employee policies/handbooks
Business contracts, employment agreements
We like to think we’re comfortable enough in our own skin to refer a client to a professional colleague we know and trust, who may be able to serve the client’s immediate needs better than we can.


That’s part of our commitment to a long-term relationship with our client, not just finding ways we can make money.

Whether that need is a legal area in which we do not have expertise or a financial or health matter in which an accountant, business coach, or psychologist might provide more appropriate guidance, we take pride in our ability to assemble a team that will best serve our client. In other instances, say a class action civil litigation, we know that a client may be better served by bringing in a larger law firm to assist with the millions of pages of documents and hours of depositions and court hearings. In such instances, we are happy to co-counsel with special counsel on these matters, ensuring that the client’s interests continue to be well-served, and that decisions taken on any one particular matter remain consistent with the organization’s long-term objectives.

So what is it that we do not do? Here are  some areas of law in which we maintain active referral lists and are happy to put our clients and friends in touch with some of the very fine professionals who are experts in the field:

circleCriminal law

circleFamily law

circleProtection from abuse/harassment

circlePersonal injury law

circlePlaintiff’s employment litigation

circleState and local sales taxation






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