On September 25, I’ll be giving a 2-hour presentation on marijuana and other substance abuse issues confronting Maine dental practice, as part of the Maine Dental Association’s Allied Dental series. If you are interested in joining us, you can sign up here.

​I’ll cover the evolving role of marijuana and other substances in today’s dental practice . The presentation will cover the state of the law on medical and adult use of marijuana in Maine, and its impact on dental practices from both a clinical, as well as an employer’s perspective. Other substance abuse issues in the workplace will be highlighted, as well as the rights and responsibilities of dentists and practice managers to respond to substance use issues by patients and staff. Attendees will receive suggested policy language for their practices.

While Maine has liberalized its marijuana laws in recent years, it also has one of the more stringent employee drug testing laws that contain a number of traps for the unwary employer. We’ll talk about these restrictions and what you can do in the face of them, particularly as holders of DEA licenses.

These are always fun and interesting conversations with a variety of perspectives. I view them as much as an opportunity to learn about what challenges my clients are facing, as to share my own experiences as an employer’s counsel.I hope you will consider joining us!