Do you conduct employee drug testing? Are you wondering whether you can or should test for marijuana in light of Maine’s existing medical marijuana statute and the recent ballot initiative? How do you reconcile these liberalizations with federal law that recognizes no medical or recreational use of the drug? What should an employer do in this changing environment? Is recreational marijuana use the new normal? These are some of the many questions I get from employers on a weekly basis when it comes to Maine’s evolving relationship with marijuana.

Please join me and Dr. Jonathan Torres of St. Mary’s – WorkMed, on April 7, 2017, at 7:30 AM, for a presentation on marijuana in the workplace. We will cover such topics as Maine’s existing medical marijuana law, drug testing under federal DOT regulations, the new recreational marijuana law, and what employers should do to balance workplace safety, federal obligations, and worker rights. My perspective will be that of a lawyer who represents many employers with drug testing programs. I will give an overview of Maine’s existing drug testing statute and the process for obtaining Department of Labor authorization for an employee or applicant drug testing policy. I will also provide a brief overview of some recent cases dealing with recreational and medical marijuana in Maine and in Colorado. Dr. Torres is an experienced medical review officer, and is one of the most experienced physicians in the area of workplace drug testing, fitness for duty, and medical reviews for worker’s compensation matters. He will offer some interesting insights into how to assess fitness for duty from a medical perspective. I’m really looking forward to this presentation, and preparing for it with Dr. Torres is a ton of fun. We are also trying to secure a Maine Department of Labor official to join us to offer a regulatory perspective.

Space is limited to 40 participants. To sign up, call 207-777-8458.