Dentist friends:

Two industry updates in the past day or so:

First, the ADA has updated its return to work toolkit. Check out the link here.

Second, the 2020 Yankee Dental Congress dates are set for January 28-30, 2021, in Boston. So far, they’re looking to have an in-person convention with precautions, but time will tell as to changes to that. FMI check the Yankee page.

I hope you are all doing okay this summer as we are getting back to full speed. I have heard from several dentist clients that hiring is difficult right now with the extra $600/week in unemployment benefits creating an incentive for many relatively lower paid employees to stay home on unemployment. However, don’t forget that once you call your staff back to work, they should no longer be eligible for unemployment in Maine, regardless of pay. Unemployment benefits are supposed to be a safety net, not a windfall. The Maine DOL has a site where you can report those who refuse to return to work. With many practices experiencing staffing shortage, it may be time to consider this option. Also, with those enhanced benefits about to expire, I am expecting the remaining “reluctant returners” to have a change of heart about coming back. It’s a complicated issue, so give me a call or book a time to talk if you have questions.