While some find satisfaction in a predictable routine and working for others, some aspire for something more—a vision that can transform their lives beyond their wildest dreams. To craft the life and practice you truly desire, you have to be willing to venture beyond your comfort zone and establish a unique value proposition for your clients that distinguishes you from the rest. Your career doesn’t have to be drudgery, but it can be daunting to know where to start.

In this episode of Private Practices in Maine, Michael shares his vision for the podcast, shedding light on the goals he aims to achieve for his listeners. By becoming active contributors to the solution, we unlock a treasure trove of value. Michael aims to demystify how to run a successful practice, empowering you to set ambitious goals and take tangible steps toward them.

  • Podcasts give us the ability to transcend time and geography to connect with like-minded people who are thinking about the same issues as ourselves. They may not be people you’d run into regularly, but we can connect using podcasts.
  • Demystifying the experience of working with an attorney is important because expectations matter. We can better communicate what attorneys contribute to their clients long-term versus what the culture around us implies attorneys do. Offering clients value by providing honest opinions may not make you popular, but it may be exactly what they need to hear.
  • A value proposition can become part of the solution. During the pandemic, Michael began assessing the impact of laws being passed. He took what he learned and spoke at associations, offering value to clients and prospective clients who were concerned about what would happen to their life work. He provided this for free and on his own time to assuage their concerns. Offering value may not always make you popular, but it is part of the value you can bring your customers.

 Learning how to add value to your community as an expert in your field can set you apart, and Michael is ready to help guide you there.

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