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PPP forgiveness for loans $50,000.00 and less

If you are a PPP borrower and have loans of less than $50,000.00, good news- the forgiveness application recently got a lot simpler. The SBA promulgated an interim rule and Form 3508S, which simply requires the borrower to self-certify that they meet the requirements...

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OSHA Guidance on Reporting Workplace COVID

If one of my employees gets COVID, do I have to tell OSHA? Should I report COVID exposure to OSHA if it happens at my company? Back in May, OSHA issued some new guidance regarding the recording and reporting of workplace-related COVID-19. This addresses whether COVID...

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Living Our Values While Practicing Law

I am honored and pleased to announce my affiliation with the Catholic Foundation of Maine, having recently been elected by the Corporators of the Foundation to serve as a Trustee. The Catholic Foundation of Maine is a nonprofit charitable organization that manages...

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